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Version 8.2.2 Release Notes
The following bug fixes were made in ThingWorx 8.2.2:
Bug Fixes
Related JIRA
Fixed an issue where the model tag is lost when importing a default localization table that has been tagged.
Updated the mechanism used to keep track of the number of licensed things to be more efficient.
Fixed an issue where a Thing created in the New Composer using IndustrialThingShape does not allow more Thing Shapes to be added. You can now add and remove additional Thing Shapes in New Composer when using IndustrialThingShape.
Fixed an issue that was causing multiple licensing errors to be logged when the AcquireLicense service was executed. The fix for this issue changes the behavior of the license_capability_response.bin file in a disconnected installation scenario. The platform will rename that file after processing it (after platform startup or after the AcquireLicense service is run). If the platform loaded license features from the file, it updates to successful_license_capability_response.bin. If it couldn't for any reason, it updates to ignored_license_capability_response.bin.
After migration, you will likely see an ignored_cap.bin file. This is expected behavior, and if the platform starts normally, then the ignored_cap.bin file can be safely deleted.
Fixed a security issue.
Fixed an issue where the single sign-on (SSO) mashup parameter is not retained in the ThingWorx URL when the index.html page is cached.
Fixed an issue where the form login page for an organization does not appear when the organization name has a space in it.
Fixed an issue that was causing an error in ThingWorx Navigate when viewing information containing a table, such as a parts list, part structure, or document structure.
Mashup Builder
Related JIRA
Fixed an issue with the Button widget that was preventing the Disabledstyle image from displaying.
Fixed an issue that was preventing user extension data from appearing in the mashup when using Internet Explorer.
Fixed an issue where a column containing all null values in an advanced grid nested infotable does not appear.
Fixed an issue where the elements in a mashup containing tabs remain disabled after a popup is closed when an expression is used to control the tab content.
Fixed an issue that required clicking twice on a dropdown list to activate the list using the Safari browser on an iPad.
The fix added a new property named SingleClickSelectOnTablets to the List widget. See List Widget for more information.
Fixed an issue in Internet Explorer where the text in a label displays when the label’s Visible property is set to False.