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Version 8.1.9 Release Notes
The following enhancement and bug fixes are included in ThingWorx 8.1.9:
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The Administrator password must be set at installation.
There is no longer a default password for the Administrator user. When ThingWorx starts for the first time during an installation, an Administrator user is created. A password must be specified for the Administrator user in the platform-settings.json file.
Add the following AdministratorUserSettings section (in PlatformSettingsConfig) to your platform-settings.json file along with a password that is at least 10 characters long. Reference platform-settings.json Configuration Details for more information on placement. See Passwords for additional information on setting passwords.
Do not copy and paste the sample below, as it may cause bad formatting in your platform-settings.json. Instead, click the link below and copy from the file.
The default location for platform-settings.json is located at: /ThingworxPlatform/platform-settings.json. If the THINGWORX_PLATFORM_SETTINGS environment variable is set, it will use that location instead: ${THINGWORX_PLATFORM_SETTINGS}/platform-settings.json.
It is HIGHLY recommended to:
Use a strong password for your initial Administrator password per NIST guidelines.
Change this password after logging in for the first time to another strong password.
Delete the password from the platform-settings.json file after the Administrator user has been created as it is no longer needed.
This process is only applicable for the initial creation of the Administrator user. After changing the password, it will not revert back during a restart. Remove this setting from the platform-settings.json file after the Administrator user has been successfully created and its password is changed.
If Tomcat fails to start and reports the error message: Check the InitialPassword setting in the AdministratorUserPassword section in platform-settings.json. Password must be a minimum of 10 characters, check the following:
The password setting exists in platform-settings.json
The password is valid (10 or more characters)
The platform-settings.json file is formatted correctly - bad formatting could lead to errors
Bug Fixes
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Fixed an issue where importing an extension containing a data shape failed with an error.
Fixed an issue where the property values in an existing thing were not updated when that thing with different values is imported from a file.
Fixed an issue where an alert was not being triggered on a remote thing.
Fixed an issue where changes to the default property values for the INFOTABLE base type were not saved.
Zip creation security issue has been resolved. For more information about this serious security issue, please log into eSupport
Mashup Builder
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Fixed an issue with the Data Filter Widget where the list of added filters did not display correctly.
Fixed an issue with the Tree Widget that was preventing the tree lines from displaying.
Fixed an issue that was causing the browser to freeze when a mashup was repeatedly opened and closed.