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Version 8.1.3 Release Notes
The following enhancements and bug fixes were made in ThingWorx 8.1.3:
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In the List widget for the Dropdown, List, and Radio Button List views, you can now press an alphanumeric key on your keyboard to jump to the related place in the list. For example, the list includes Image and Instance. If you press the I key, you will jump to Image. If you press I again, it will jump to Instance.
The EnableKeyboardSelections property was added. When this property is selected/true, the found list item is selected. If the property is not selected (or is false), the hover style is applied to the selected item.
We now provide properties in the OData Connector to allow provisioning of unavailable endpoints:
The Swagger Spec, taken as JSON, will include the endpoint definitions for the unavailable endpoints.
A settings that indicates when conflicts are encountered with endpoints delivered through the Swagger Spec and endpoints available through parsing the OData Spec, endpoints from the Swagger Spec will override what is available from parsing the OData Spec.
In Media Entities, a new Authentication Type named Session User is available. Select this option to support authentication of user accounts without using SSO. When this option is selected, you must provide a Session User Query Parameter, which will be sent as a query parameter in content proxy requests. You can now send 'wt.effectiveUid to Windchill with content proxy requests.
A new option has been added to the User Management Subsystem that allows an administrator to restrict users from having more than one concurrent login.
For Media Entities, the new configuration enables two-way SSL authentication. If the Ignore SSL Errors setting is selected/true or the SSL Connection Configuration settings are defined, SSL context must be used when executing all proxy requests for the media entity.
Added the Authentication Setting Sets HTTP Form Authentication as the default fallback mechanism to the User Management Subsystem. When this option is selected, users who logged in using an organization's form login page will now be prompted for credentials on that same page. This feature uses a cookie, which the form login page stores in the user's browser.
The following known issues exist with this functionality and will be fixed in a later release:
When a user's session expires or is otherwise invalidated while working in a mashup, upon their next click in that mashup, the user is redirected to the form login page to re-authenticate. After successful re-authentication, the user is redirected to their home mashup and not to the mashup in which the user was working.
When a user is working in Composer with the Sets HTTP Form Authentication as the default fallback mechanism option selected, if the user's session expires or is otherwise invalidated, the form login page will be partially displayed as a mini-frame in the Composer window.
When theSets HTTP Form Authentication as the default fallback mechanism option is selected and a user attempts to authenticate with cookies disabled, the form login page will immediately redirect the user back to the form login page.
Mashup Builder
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For the Grid widget, a new setting was added to the Grid Column Configuration dialog to choose between decimal precision/rounding and truncation. By default, decimal precision is active.
A List widget with the Combo Box view has the TextIfNoSelection property with the option of Placeholder. When a user enters search text in the Combo Box, the placeholder text is cleared.
Tab sequencing was added to the List widget. Users can now press the Tab key to move through form lists.
Added the option to force whole number intervals when using auto scaling in the Label Chart. When enabled, the ShowYAxisSmartLabel property overrides YAxisIntervals, YAxisMinorTicks, and YAxisLabel properties.
Bug Fixes
Related JIRA
You no longer need an activation ID to obtain your license. For disconnected scenarios, simply go to the enhanced PTC Support site pages, select the product, enter a Device ID, and retrieve a license. For connected scenarios, activation IDs are no longer required in the platform-settings.json file.
You can now easily upgrade without a new license file. You can use an 8.1 license for later versions.
Fixed an issue that was causing an error in the Application Log when creating a local binding on a Thing to a read-only property on another Thing.
When adding a property with a base type of NUMBER to a Thing, save was not successful. Now, your save is successful.
If you exported a Thing with a configuration table to Source Control, the wrong values were exported. The exported XML is now correct.
The OData Connector was not able to list the DELETE, UPDATE, and PUT endpoints.
The ExtensionSubsystem has been removed.
Fixed an issue with the OData Connector when executing GetEndpointList and GetEndpointDefinition services.
Fixed errors that occurred when executing the AcquireLicense service in the Licensing Subsystem when logged in under Limited mode.
For ThingWorx Navigate not using Single Sign On (SSO), the bulk download button was not working. This issue has been fixed.
For Media Entities, failure codes no longer return Session User Query Parameter and User ID.
Fixed an issue in ThingWorx Navigate configured with Single Sign On (SSO), that occurred when a user closed the Navigate window, opened it again, and requests the Navigate landing page URL.
Fixed an issue that was occurring when executing the GetEndpointDefinition integration connector service, which was failing with two-way SSL between the connector and Windchill.
Fixed an issue with the OData Connector in which OData actions were not working.
Fixed an issue in which error responses from Windchill OData REST services were not returning details.
Fixed an issue with ClickjackFilterWhiteList not behaving as expected.
Fixed a Content Type Not Set error in OData Connector.
ThingWorx allows startup using malformed URLs (URLs that are not complete or have unnecessary additional characters, such as http*p*:// from the clickjack filtering whitelist. Clickjack whitelist filtering fixes (including the use of CSP headers) now result in a 404 error when supplying malformed URLs.
Mashup Builder
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Fixed an issue with the Time Series, XY, and Proportional charts that was preventing data from displaying in run time.
In the LED Display widget, the last digit was removed when the bound value was displayed. For example, the value entered was 123, but only 12 was displayed. The complete value is now displayed.
For a List widget with a Combo Box view, localized strings were not displaying when the TextIfNoSelection property was set to Placeholder. The localized strings now appear.
If you bound text that contains a localization token as input for a label, localization wasn’t successful and the label displayed the localization token instead. Now the localized value appears.
The Tabs - Responsive widget was not displaying tabs correctly, but now they display as they should.
In a Tabs widget, you have a contained mashup on a tab and that contained mashup also has tabs. The data in the contained mashup was not displayed correctly. This was fixed, and now your nested tabs display the correct level data.
You should upgrade to the latest version of Chrome to avoid this issue.
Within a Tabs widget, you have a contained mashup on a tab and another contained mashup within the second-level Tabs widget and then a third-level contained mashup on the second-level tab. If you select a different first-level tab and then select the third-level tab, that data was not displayed. This was fixed, and now you can see your data at the third-level as you should.
In a List widget with a Combo Box view and the MultiSelect property selected/true, the list remained open after selection. Now, the list closes.
An unnecessary scroll bar may have appeared when using the File Upload widget. Not anymore.
When using a List widget in a Dropdown view, the selected item was not saved. Saving is all good now.
There were issues with text being displayed in the Label widget. A new AllowEllipsis property was added, which when selected/true, displays an ellipsis if the label text is bigger than the size of the Label widget. The tooltip then displays the complete text. This property is not selected/false by default.
Fixed an issue that was causing NUMBER values to display incorrectly in widgets.
Fixed an issue that was causing the Edit Query filter in Mashup Builder to get deleted when it was opened a second time.
Known Issues
Even if the license_capability_respsonse.bin is included in the ThingworxPlatform folder, no unprocessed_license_capability_response.bin files appear, and valid features are available in the Licensing Subsystem mashup, the following error still appears in the Application log:
Unable to process capability response because Response is out of order with previous responses.