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Version 8.1.0 Release Notes
The following feature enhancements and bug fixes exist in ThingWorx 8.1.0:
Metrics Reporting is enabled by default, which allows usage, performance, and diagnostics data to be sent to a PTC server daily. For more information about this setting, see Platform Subsystem.
You can add and configure Notifications in New Composer. For more information, see Adding Notifications.
License files are now instance specific. For more information, see 8.1 Licensing.
Security for application keys has been enhanced. The default expiration date has been changed to 24 hours if it is not explicitly set. For more information, see Application Keys.
Additional capability has been added to New Composer. For more information, refer to the ThingWorx Community blog.
Improvements to anomaly detection accuracy have been added. As a result, data collection restart is no longer necessary after a long gap and the H2 database that installs with the Training Microservice is stored in memory, not as a persisted file. For more information, see Anomaly Detection.
You can now load configuration/project files from KEPServerEX instances. For more information, see Industrial Connections File Transfer.
Bug Fixes
Related JIRA
Fixed an issue where Tomcat failed to start when using SAP HANA.
Fixed an issue that was preventing ThingWorx from starting after the File Transfer Subsystem was disabled.
Fixed an issue where the change history of a Mashup was automatically updated even if no changes were made.
Fixed an issue that was preventing the ServiceInvokeCompleted event from working after performing an in-place upgrade.
Fixed an issue where alert notifications were not being sent to recipients after removing a recipient.
Fixed an issue where the Add button in the Services page did not display after creating a Data Table.
Fixed an issue with alert notifications for entities containing periods in the name.
Fixed an issue that was causing connected assets to display as disconnected in ThingWorx Utilities.
Fixed an issue where data bind was lost after changing Read-Only settings to Read/Write in Composer.
Fixed an issue that was causing a MetricsReportingTask error after enabling ThingWorx Performance Advisor.
Fixed an issue with the ThingWorx authentication window when specifying the site while using FF and IE.
Mashup Builder
Related JIRA
Fixed an issue with the List widget that was causing incorrect tooltips to display.
Fixed an issue where Chrome was automatically retrying Remote Service calls when a timeout occurred.
Fixed an issue after restarting the ThingWorx web app where the Runtime or Composer’s index.html were missing.
Fixed an issue where closing a modal dialogue did not remove the disabled state from an element.
Fixed an issue when creating a popup with the Navigation widget. The tab sequence of the popup was dependent on the original mashup.
Fixed an issue with localized values of data columns when using the Data Filter widget.
Related JIRA
Fixed an issue where CSV parser extension import failed if the text file that was being imported did not include a new line character at the end of the last line of text.
Fixed an issue with the Advanced Grid widget where the Reset button was not localized.
Fixed an issue with the jQuery library used by the WebSocketTunnel_ExtensionPackage widget.
If you are using the WebSocketTunnel_ExtensionPackage, you will need to upgrade to version 3.0.2 if you are upgrading to ThingWorx 8.1.0. To upgrade the extension, go to the Web Sockets Tunnel Widget and Library page of the ThingWorx Marketplace.
End of Life Information
SQUEAL functionality has been discontinued in 8.1.