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Version 8.0.2 Release Notes
The following feature enhancements and bug fixes exist in ThingWorx 8.0.2:
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Added a feature that sends a Websocket Ping after each data message to force Tomcat to flush out its data buffer after sending data down the websocket.
Added a 64–bit Dockerize Integration Runtime Setup for Linux.
Enhanced features of Value Stream and Stream data processing to increase efficiency and speed.
Mashup Builder
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Added a feature to the List widget that allows a user to set transparency levels.
Added a new Transparency setting when hover over a selecting an item in Grid widgets.
Added a feature to the Dropdown List widget that allows users to multi-select items via checkbox.
If a user clicks directly on the item, the item will be selected and the Dropdown List will close. Select multiple items by clicking directly on the checkbox, the row will be selected and the Dropdown List will remain open, continue by selecting additional items. To end the selection process and close the list, click anywhere outside of the Dropdown List.
Added a feature to the Dropdown List widget that allows users to search or filter an item list. See the List Widget topic for more information.
Bug Fixes
Related JIRA
Fixed an issue where DataChange subscription ran twice on locally bound properties when the Data Change Type was set to Always.
Fixed an issue with tokens being added on the Configuration page for Media Entities
Fixed an issue where the user was unable to view the Generic Services output type when creating an entity.
Fixed an issue with the show recent option in the advanced search area while selecting the datashape in the create an API map.
Fixed an issue where QueryStringPropertyHistory for a JSON property returned blank results on Postgres.
Fixed an issue that led to a delayed or failed Tomcat restart after installing ThingWorx Converge 7.4 Extension package in ThingWorx.
Fixed an issue where the cache was not clearing when a relative complement of property names existed between the thing and the cache.
Fixed an issue that wasn’t allowing users to sort on the auto-generated timestamp field in the QueryDataTableEntries service in PostgreSQL.
Fixed an issue where exception messages were unable to be seen in Internet Explorer.
Fixed an issue where remote bindings that were created in New Composer were not retained in Classic Composer.
Fixed an issue when a large data message sent by the server or user caused a buffer overrun and the failure of the tunnel connection.
Fixed an issue with the error message a user receives when a model does not exist during an export of AnomalyAlert.
Fixed an issue where duplicate entries were being created when updating a Stream entry.
Fixed an issue where the settings in the Configuration Persistence Providers were displaying name tokens instead of the proper text.
Fixed an issue with the IndustrialThingShape that prevented a user from adding JavaScript and Remote Services to a Thing.
Fixed an issue that was causing a remote thing to be connected when the Connection Server disconnected.
Fixed an issue that was preventing a subscription from being deleted from a template if the source was not local.
Fixed an issue where the Add button in the Services page did not display after creating a Data Table.
Fixed an issue where Configuration Table names were being created using Annotations in Extensions were showing up with prefixes.
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Fixed an issue with longer field names not displaying when adding a filter condition to the Data Filter widget in Chrome.
Fixed an issue where Timer Things did not show on Configuration Tables in New Composer.
Fixed an issue where a Name Already Exists error was displaying for newly added Alerts or Events for unsaved Things.
Fixed an issue where Data Loading did not display a loading image in runtime for the Label, Image, or Gauge widgets.
Fixed an issue where the horizontal scroll of Grid widget misaligned the header and columns.
Fixed an issue where the List widget did not update properly while the multiSelect option was checked.
Fixed an issue where the submenu in an Accordion Menu widget did not remain highlighted after selecting it.
Fixed an issue where the Date Time Picker widget closed shortly after opening.
Fixed an issue that restricted users ability to select a larger range of past and future dates in the Date Time picker widget dropdown list.
Fixed an issue where RowHeight was inconsistent on a List widget when using a value below the default value.
Fixed an issue that required a user to click directly on the text of an item name to select it in a Dropdown List widget. Users can now click on the row as a whole to select an item.
Fixed an issue where Advanced Tree and Grid widgets removed target the option from the HTML link.
Fixed an issue with the Data Export widget in mashups.
Fixed an issue where the Date Time Picker widget did not show a clear value button.
Fixed an issue when selecting values from a List box.