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Version 8.0.15 Release Notes
The following bug fixes are included in ThingWorx 8.0.15:
Bug Fixes
Related JIRA
PTC has addressed approximately a dozen security issues identified with automated security tools or other internal processes.
PTC has addressed three Cross Site Scripting Issues.
Updated to the latest PostgreSQL driver version to 42.2.5. Action may be required if you are using .ssl on the jdbc connection string due to the driver change that has a new default of sslmode=verify-full. The previous default was sslmode=prefer. See for details around this change.
The implications are that verify-full will now validate against a root certificate, and if a root certificate is not configured, the connection to PostgreSQL will fail.
To set up the secure default, you must set up a root certificate. Azure instructions can be found here:
For more details about how the driver works with a root certificate, see
Fixed an issue that was preventing a user from being automatically assigned to a new application key.
Fixed an issue in Classic Composer that was causing an error message to display when you assigned an Administrator user to an application key.
Fixed an issue that was causing the browser to become unresponsive when duplicating an application key.
Fixed an issue that was allowing imported things to have the same names as existing entities.
Fixed an issue that was preventing local bindings without a property definition from being deleted.
Bug Fixes
Mashup Builder
Related JIRA
Fixed an issue with the DataFilter and Grid widgets that was preventing data from being displayed correctly.