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Hybrid Widgets (Beta)
On the Widgets tab, the Hybrid Widget icon icon indicates a hybrid widget.
Hybrid widgets are existing widgets you can style by applying style themes or style definitions. The functionality of a hybrid widget is unaffected by the style theme. You can use existing mashups that contain hybrid widgets without modifying any bindings or settings. By default, hybrid widgets derive their styling properties from style definitions. Applying a style theme overrides your current style definitions. To maintain the look of your application, migrate style definitions to a style theme before applying the style theme to an existing mashup.
To enable or disable style themes for hybrid widgets, do the following:
1. From Composer, click Browse > VISUALIZATION > Mashups. A list of mashups appears.
2. Select a mashup from the list to open it in Mashup Builder.
3. On the Design tab, under the Explorer panel, select the mashup to display the mashup properties panel.
4. In the mashup properties panel, set the (BETA) UseThemeForHybrids property:
To use a style theme — In the mashup properties panel, select the (BETA) UseThemeForHybrids check box. The Mashup and widget style definition properties are hidden, and the style theme is applied to hybrid widgets in the mashup.
To use style definitions — In the Mashup properties panel, clear the (BETA) UseThemeForHybrids check box. The mashup and hybrid widget style definition properties appear.
The (BETA) StyleTheme property specifies the selected style theme for the mashup and its widgets.
Mashup Theming properties
5. Click Save.
The following is a list of hybrid widgets:
Auto Refresh Widget
Data Export Widget
Fieldset Widget
File Upload Widget
Folding Panel Widget
LED Display Widget
Logout Button Widget
Menu Widget
Navigation Widget
Numeric Entry Widget
Preferences Widget
Property Display Widget
Slider Widget
TagCloud Widget
Value Display Widget
Vertical Slider Widget
Standard widgets that are not hybrid do not support style themes.