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Mashup Types
You can create different types of mashups:
Static — This type of mashup/master is statically sized to the dimensions that you define. When displayed in a lower resolution, it will have scroll bars, in a higher resolution it will leave unused space around the mashup.
Responsive — This type of mashup/master will always fill to the resolution of the display, never leaving any unused space around the mashup.
Responsive (Advanced) — This type of mashup/master a responsive layout that uses Flexbox-based containers.
For each of those, the types are as follows:
Mashup — a standard mashup, perhaps the most common type.
Master — this is used to frame your mashups. For example, you may want a common header, common footer, and a navigation tree on the left side that is used in a number of mashups. You create a master for this type of content framing. You can create different masters for different projects, or one for all your mashups, depending on need.
Thing Shape — A Thing Shape is used when you want to create a reusable mashup that will be embedded in another mashup for common components. For example, you may have a thing shape definition for an Air Handler, which includes whether the fan is on or off, and the inlet and outlet temperature, and a picture of the Air Handler. You can get a list of all your Air Handlers in a tree structure from a defined thing network (or other queries against the Model, such as a list of all things that implement the Air Handler Shape). When you click on a specific Air Handler, you want to show the correct picture, the on/off status, and the inlet and outlet temperatures. Since this is a common view across all Air Handlers, you can define a Thing Shape Mashup. You can then place the Thing Shape Mashup as an embedded mashup next to the tree widget. Within the Thing Shape Mashup, you use the Thing Shape definition to select appropriate services to return the corresponding data. You then link the Thing in the Thing Shape Mashup to the selected Air Handler in the tree. When the user selects a specific Air Handler, that units ID is passed to the Thing Shape Mashup, and the Data Services are executed against the specific Thing. This is a great tool for re-usability and to design your Mashups using object oriented techniques to minimize maintenance.
This mashup type is not available in ThingWorx 8.4+.
Thing Template — A Thing Template Mashup is essentially the same as a Thing Shape Mashup, except that you use a Thing Template as the abstract entity to design the Mashup around, rather than a Thing Shape.
This mashup type is not available in ThingWorx 8.4+.