Create Calendar Event
Use this action to create a new calendar event in your Office 365 calendar account. For more information, refer to the API documentation.
Using the Create Calendar Event Action
To use this action in your workflow, connect it to ThingWorx Flow. To connect to the flow, do the following:
1. Drag the Create Calendar Event action under the Office 365 connector to the canvas, place the pointer on the action, and then click or double-click the action. The Create Calendar Event action window opens.
2. Edit the label name, if needed. By default, the label name is same as the action name.
3. To add an authorization, refer to the section Authorize Office 365 in the Authorize Office 365 connector topic.
If you previously added an authorization for Office 365, select an authorization from the list.
4. In the Calendar ID field, select or specify the calendar ID to create a new event, and then enter the title of the event.
5. Click to enter the Event Start and Event End date and time for the event in the ISO format such as 2018–12–21T14:52:41.682Z.
6. In the Time Zone field, enter the time zone for the event.
7. In the Event Description field, enter the description for the event to create.
Format—Select the format of the description to add to the event. The available options are Text and HTML The default value is Text.
Description—The description of the event.
8. In the Location Name field, enter the location name of the event.
9. In the Event Address field, enter the address details of the event such as Street, City, State, Country, and Postal Code.
10. Click + to view the additional fields, and then enter the details that follows:
Attendees—Click Add to enter the attendee details such as Email Address and Name of the attendee.
In the Attendee Type list, select the type of attendee: Required, Optional, and Resource.
Additional Parameters—Click Add to enter additional parameters such as Name and Value for the parameter.
Click Add to enter multiple attendees and additional parameters.
11. Click Done.