Google Forms Trigger
You can set a trigger for a specific workflow by selecting events from the trigger list.
Using Google Forms Trigger
To use this trigger in your workflow, create a new event for the Google Forms trigger, and then connect to the flow. To create a new event, do the following:
1. Place the pointer on the start action, and then click or double-click the action. A list of triggers appear.
2. Select the Google Forms trigger and then and then create a new event. The Google Forms trigger configuration window opens.
If a trigger is already created, select an existing trigger, and then click SAVE.
To create a new trigger, click Create a new event for Google Forms, and then proceed with the steps further.
3. Edit the trigger label, if needed
4. To authorize Google Forms, do the following:
a. In the Authorize Google Forms list, select Add New Google Form login.
b. On the Set Access window, click ALLOW.
c. Enter your credentials, and then click Sign in.
d. On the Add Authorization window, update the label, if needed, and then click ADD.
Click TEST to verify the authorization.
5. In the Select Trigger field, select New Response in Spreadsheet trigger that triggers when a new row is created in the spreadsheet.
6. In the Spreadsheet ID field, enter the spreadsheet ID.
7. In the Sheet Name field, enter the sheet name.
8. In the Custom Filters section, click ADD, and then enter the details that follow:
Expected—The expected output.
Condition—Select appropriate option from the list.
9. Click SAVE.
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