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ThingWorx Video Tutorials
The following videos are provided to help users with an array of topics for developing in ThingWorx
Depending on the browser you are using, it may be necessary to press CTRL when clicking the links below or right-click a link to open in a new window.
All the video tutorials in this section are performed in the legacy Composer UI. Legacy Composer is not the default view in ThingWorx 8.3, and is not available in ThingWorx 8.4+.
ThingWorx Installation
How to Install ThingWorx (includes installing prerequisites)
ThingWorx Fundamentals
ThingWorx Concepts and Functionality
ThingWorx Flow
ThingWorx Mashups
ThingWorx Widgets
The SQUEAL widget is not available in 8.1 and later.
ThingWorx Security
ThingWorx > Connectivity
ThingWorx Scripting