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ThingWorx Installation Overview
These installation steps were tested on ThingWorx 8.4.0, and file names used in the process reflect this, but the general steps can be used for any version of ThingWorx 8. Installation steps are available in the Help Center and PDF versions for other versions are located on the PTC Support Portal.
The steps in this process use Apache Tomcat 8.5.x and the file names used in the process reflect this, but other versions may be supported. Refer to ThingWorx System Requirements.
Installation Prerequisites
Prerequisite third-party software includes Apache Tomcat and Oracle Java. PostgreSQL or InfluxDB is also required if you are not using H2, or MSSQL Server for your database. Reference the ThingWorx Deployment Architecture Guide for more information about database and deployment options.
Installation Options
ThingWorx is currently supported on
Amazon RDS
Database Options
There are several database options to consider before installing ThingWorx. H2 is an embedded database option, while PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Azure SQL,and InfluxDB are external databases that require additional steps to configure. For more information on database options, see the ThingWorx Deployment Architecture Guide and the ThingWorx Sizing Guide, and ThingWorx Model and Data Best Practices.
If you are not using PostgreSQL or H2 for your database, refer to the following for additional installation and configuration information:
InfluxDB: (available in 8.4+): Using InfluxDB as the Persistence Provider (click here if viewing in PDF)
AzureSQL: (available in 8.4+): Using AzureSQL as the Persistence Provider(click here if viewing in PDF)
For additional information on database options, see the Persistence Providers topic.
If you are upgrading to a newer version, refer to the Upgrading ThingWorx guide.
System Requirements
For detailed software and hardware requirements, refer to the ThingWorx System Requirements document.
This document provides the following server hardware and configuration requirements for running ThingWorx in a production environment:
Core operating system software requirements
Prerequisite software required by ThingWorx
Minimum sizing requirements (for production use)
PostgreSQL High Availability (HA) Option
You can use PostgreSQL with an optional High Availability layer at the database level and/or at the ThingWorx level. Additional steps for HA are required and are located in the ThingWorx High Availability Administrator’s Guide.
Metrics Reporting
By default, ThingWorx metrics data (such as usage, performance, and diagnostics) is sent to a PTC server. The configuration settings for metrics reporting are included in the Platform Subsystem and must be changed to opt out.