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8.0 Licensing
The information here only applies to 8.0.x. See 8.1 Licensing if necessary.
ThingWorx 8.0 requires that a license file is placed in the ThingworxPlatform folder.
If you upgrade from version 8.0.0 to version 8.0.1, a license upgrade is not required.
If you upgrade from version 8.0.0 to version 8.1.0, a license upgrade is required.
If PTC paid applications (such as ThingWorx Navigate or ThingWorx Utilities) are added, a new license file is required.
Refer to the Installing ThingWorx 8.0 guide or Upgrading ThingWorx 8.0 guide for detailed process steps.
Licenses are available on the PTC Support site.
Upgrading from a Trial to Paid Version
If you are changing your entitlements or upgrading from a trial to paid license, you must retrieve a new license.bin file from the PTC Support site. The new file will replace the existing file in the ThingworxPlatform folder. The platform will not be updated with the new feature entitlements until one of the following occurs:
The AcquireService service on the Licensing Subsystem is executed.
Restart of the platform.
Wait for 24 hours from the time the platform was started.
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