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Support Package Tool
The Support Package Tool can be used to collect system data on a ThingWorx instance that can be sent to PTC Support to help diagnose system issues. Information that is useful for diagnosing system issues, such as ESAPI configuration, ThingworxStorage logs, licensing, and JVM information, can be obtained by using this tool.
This tool is available on the PTC Support Portal, with the ThingWorx software downloads.
Supported Versions
Most tasks in the Support Package Tool can be run against any version of ThingWorx, with the exception of the statistics tasks (thingworx-stats-topn-count and thingworx-stats-topn-meantime), since this feature is only available in ThingWorx 8.3 and later. See Utilization Subsystem for more information.
In order to collect the data, the user that is running the tasks must have READ access to the requested files, which include file system permissions and ThingWorx service permissions (WriteStatisticsReport service).
Obtaining and Using the Tool
Follow these steps:
1. Obtain the Support Package (SupportPackageTool_1.X.X) from the PTC Support Portal.
Where X.X represents the build number.
2. Unzip the folder.
3. The package contains the following folders:
support-package.conf: contains the default and minimal configuration that are required to run the tool. This file must be edited with your system details before running the tool. See the examples folder for all available tasks. The format of the file is Typesafe config.
sptool scripts to run the tool.
examples: this folder contains examples for all the available tasks. Any of the following tasks can be copied into the support-package.conf.
jinfo.conf: Collects data from Java JDK jinfo.exe file.
jinfo-fromext.conf: Collects JVM information (properties/env) by pointing to the provided extension. This extension contains the WriteJVMInfoFile service, which writes the JVM information to a file in the ThingworxStorage/reports folder.
The application key that is used by the Support Package Tool must have a user associated with it that has permission to execute the WriteJVMInfoFile service on the SupportPackageTool resource.
thingworx-build-info.conf: Collects the ThingWorx build number and schema version.
thingworx-esapi-files.conf: Collects data from the file and file.
thingworx-licensing-files.conf: Collects any licensing data from the following files: license.bin, licenseRequestFile.txt, license_capability_response.bin, successful_license_capability_response.bin, ignored_license_capability_response.bin
thingworx-log-files.conf: Collects data from specified ThingWorx log files. (Not the Security log or Database log)
thingworx-platformsettings-file.conf: Collects data from the platform-settings.json file.
Any passwords that exist in the platform-settings.json will not be included.
Any URLS that exist in the platform-settings.json can be excluded.
Any user names that exist in the platform-settings.json can be excluded.
thingworx-stats-topn-count.conf: Creates a statistics report of the top N counts.
Can only be run against ThingWorx 8.3 and later.
The Enable Statistics option ( in the Utilization Subsystem) must be enabled for this report to generate. If it is disabled, an empty .csv file will be generated.
thingworx-stats-topn-meantime.conf: Creates a statistics report for top N meanTime.
Can only be run against ThingWorx 8.3 and later.
The Enable Statistics option ( in the Utilization Subsystem) must be enabled for this report to generate. If it is disabled, an empty .csv file will be generated.
lib: contains PTC Java jar libraries and third party .jar libraries used by the tool. additional documentation on the tool. An extension that is used in conjunction with the JVMInfoFromExtension task. This extension is temporarily imported and then deleted as part of the task's execution.
4. Open the support-package.conf file.
5. Add your system information to the following:
supportPackage {
system {
6. If necessary, add any tasks to the support-package.conf.
Enabling certain tasks include contents that could be deemed sensitive. You may want to disable certain tasks and/or review the output in accordance with your organization's policies before sending the final output to PTC.
7. Execute the sptool.bat (Windows)/ (Linux) from the directory which is located in the bin folder.
8. Locate the generated supportpackage-<uniqueid>.zip file that contains the data for all requested tasks. A log file will also generated inside the