Message Queue Telemetry Transport (MQTT) is an open message protocol for M2M communications that enables the transfer of telemetry-style data in the form of messages from pervasive devices along high latency or constrained networks to a server or small message broker. Pervasive devices may range from sensors and actuators, to mobile phones, embedded systems on vehicles, or laptops and full-scale computers.
The MQTT Extension provides connectivity to small electronic devices and sensors and enables them to communicate with ThingWorx.
When the extension is installed, the following Thing Templates are included:
Allows a shared connection for the MQTTSubscriber Things.
Allows subscriptions to one or more topics on the MQTT server. Add properties under Configuration > Property to the MQTT topic mappings section.
When editing an MQTTSubscriber Thing, restart the associated MQTTConnection Thing to refresh.
Allows all of the above configuration in a single Thing.
Automapping Settings
The format for the automapping settings controls whether you want to publish and/or subscribe, the topic name that corresponds to the property name, and whether you want ThingWorx to automatically generate topic names based on a pattern that can include server name, Thing name, and property name tokens.