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The iDigi Device Cloud is a public cloud platform for device network management. It provides secure application messaging, data storage and device management for networks comprised of wired, cellular and satellite-connected devices. With the ThingWorx iDigi Device Cloud extension, you can connect and exchange information from the Device Cloud and ThingWorx.
When imported to ThingWorx, this extension adds the following configurable thing templates that you can use to create iDigi Cloud connected Things:
Digi Thing Template
DigiConnection Thing Template
Using the Extension
Data is pushed to ThingWorx from Digi via the Digi push monitor. To configure this in ThingWorx, use the provided thing templates. When the Digi cloud services receive a new value for a data point, it queues a new transaction in the push service on the Digi side.
In the DigiConnection thing template, when the monitorBatchDuration or monitorTimeout value is reached (whichever comes first), the data is sent to the ThingWorx Connection-level Thing. At this point, the update is distributed to the individual connected things.
A Timer Thing can be configured in the template to pull in all current values for mapped data points, and is a catch all, in case the monitor mechanism fails. In this case, the new data that is pulled updates the current property value. Streams can be utilized to capture this data. The following services are available in the DigiConnection thing template:
MonitorHandler-handles web callbacks from iDigi.
UpdateGatewayStatus-reads the latest gateway status values from iDigi.
UpdateValues-reads the latest datastream values from iDigi.