D3 Tree
The D3 Tree widget is similar to a horizontal family tree, and is useful for showing lineage and hierarchy. The D3 Tree extension package installs a D3 Tree widget for the mashup environment that can be used to show parent/child relationships for data tables.
The D3 Tree widget is similar to the D3 Network, except that it does not dynamically move when the nodes are selected. Nodes can be text, icons, or a combination of both.
The D3 Tree is used frequently in Composer to illustrate dependencies. To view an example of the D3 Tree in Composer, view the Entity Depends On and Uses This Entity fields in the Dependencies section for any entity.
To use the D3 Tree extension, download and import the D3Tree_ExtensionPackage.zip into ThingWorx. The package imports the following into ThingWorx:
D3Tree widget
D3TreeTooltipStyle style definition
D3TreeSelectedStyle style definition
D3TreeBackgroundStyle style definition