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ThingWorx Flow Connectors
A connector is a specialized NPM package that contains various artifacts required to interact with a connected system.
The functionality provided by a connector can be used in the workflow to exchange information between ThingWorx Flow and the connected system. The connector can also trigger workflows based on the occurrence of events in the external system.
Connectors are made up of various artifacts. You can create, manage, and test the following artifacts using ThingWorx Flow CLI commands.
Although creation of artifacts does not require a specific sequence, the following is a recommended sequence:
1. Authentication
2. Connections
3. Lookups
4. Actions
5. Triggers
The following video provides an overview of ThingWorx Flow connectors.
Connector Development Project Flow
The following steps describe the workflow in the connector development project:
1. Download ThingWorx Flow CLI package from the PTC website and install it on your system.
2. Generate a project for a Connector, and then add artifacts to the Connector project: Connections, OAuth configuration, Actions, Lookups, and Triggers.
3. Create authentication for Actions, Triggers, or Lookups.
4. Test the Connector artifacts using ThingWorx Flow CLI package.
The connector SDK test helpers automates the artifacts. The connector SDK test helpers are used to write automated tests for testing the artifacts.
For on-premise installations, ThingWorx Flow connectors can be deployed using the deployment process.
The above workflow is subject to change.