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ThingWorx Thing Model Visual Representation
Model Overview and Key Concepts
This topic provides a visual representation of an example of a ThingWorx model. In the images below, you can see how the components of the model are used in ThingWorx.
A Visual Representation of Thing Templates
In the hierarchy below, there are three thing template levels. The Level 1 template is a generic template for all vehicles, which has properties, services, events, and subscriptions that can be applied to any vehicle in the fleet.
The Level 2 thing template includes all of the properties of the Level 1 template and more specific properties for two types of vehicles: cars and trucks.
The Level 3 thing template defines the types of cars and trucks in the fleet.
The image below shows the example at the thing level:
Visual Representation of the Thing Shape
In the hierarchy below, the thing shape represents a refrigerated unit. In your model, you may have different types of refrigerated units, such as trucks and vending machines. If you don’t want to model the behaviors of a refrigerated unit more than once, you can create a thing shape to define behaviors once and apply them to multiple thing templates. Thing templates can implement multiple thing shapes.