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SQUEAL is not available in 8.1 and later.
In ThingWorx, search capability within a model is enriched with the use of SQUEAL (Search, Query, and Analysis). SQUEAL allows a user to quickly search through all data in a model. A user with advanced understanding of the model has the ability to set up a rich environment for search capability with SQUEAL.
In SQUEAL, a ThingWorx model is searchable by entity names, model tags, data tags, wiki and blog content. Instances can be filtered based on thing templates, types, and thing shapes, and searches can be narrowed down using multiple filters. Squeal searches can be stored as favorites so that they can be easily recalled.
All search capabilities in SQUEAL are also available as services in the scripting environment (Snippets/Resources/SearchFunctions), as well as in the SQUEAL Widget.
Breadcrumb navigation can be used in SQUEAL to trace back through your search steps, all the way to where the initial search began.
SQUEAL is accessed at: <server>/Thingworx/Squeal
Configuring a Home Mashup
SQUEAL supports the display of a home mashup that can be specified in Composer. The home mashup can be assigned in the general information section for any ThingWorx entity.
Special Cases:
Users and Organizations: Home and Mobile home mashups for a user or organization will also function as a re-direct when a user logs into ThingWorx. Depending on the device they log in from, they will be automatically redirected to either the home or mobile home mashup.
Thing templates: A home mashup assigned to a thing template will automatically be inherited by the Things based on the thing template. The home mashup can be overridden on the thing level.
SQUEAL and Mashup parameters: When SQUEAL is showing a Thing, and a home mashup is assigned, if that mashup has a mashup parameter that is named entity (BaseType String or ThingName), SQUEAL will automatically assign the thing’s name to the mashup parameter.
Follow the steps below in ThingWorx Composer to configure a home mashup:
1. In Composer, click Thing Templates and select the appropriate thing template.
2. In the Home Mashup field, use the magic picker to select the appropriate mashup.
3. Click Save.
4. Access SQUEAL at http://<server:port>/Thingworx/Squeal
5. In SQUEAL, navigate to the home mashup page by searching for the thing template or for an entity that is based on the thing template.
Using SQUEAL: An example
The following example illustrates when SQUEAL can be useful: a trucking company has a fleet of 20,000 trucks, and a technician needs to quickly locate all late model trucks in a specific region. Search parameters can be set in SQUEAL to easily locate all trucks in that region. Filters can be applied to further narrow down search results to find the specified truck models in the region.