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Multipart Message Too Large
PROBLEM: The following error is reported by the .NET SDK or C SDK:
Multipart message would be too large. Discarding...
This error occurs in handleMessage(). Your device is receiving an inbound message/request from the ThingWorx Platform, and the message is getting discarded. If you do not want to turn on TRACE level logging, try increasing the value of the max_message_size.
There is no risk in increasing the value of this property. It is the buffer declared to assemble AlwaysOn messages that have been broken into chunks for transmission. Some devices that are memory limited may want to restrict the value of max_message_size, but if you have the memory, you should use it. The setting needs to exist because if it did not, someone could bring your device down by filling up all your memory with a huge message. There must be some practical limit.
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