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Information to Provide When Reporting an Issue
When providing support, it is useful for PTC Support to have some basic information. If you require assistance, you can talk to a Support Engineer and, if warranted, obtain a Case Id . Please try to have as much of the following information when you call:
Component/Platform (for example.: EMS version, running on x86 32 bit Linux, connecting to ThingWorx Platform version 8.1).
Version information for operating system as well as ThingWorx products.
If applicable, the brand and version of any antivirus software, especially on Windows.
Configuration files or SDK settings that your client application is using.
Host system configuration (ARM system with 32 MB RAM, single core 1.3Ghz, 1GB flash storage).
Especially for low resource devices — RAM/CPUs/HD.
Network information (cellular, hard-wired, wifi, and so on. Mbps if available).
Network landscape (firewalls, proxy servers, connection server).
Run the client application with the log level set to TRACE and include the log files. Unless these log files are available and/or Support engineers can reproduce the problem, it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to resolve the issue.
Can you reproduce the issue every time you run the client application? If not, is there any regularity in its occurrence? Can you identify any particular conditions under which it occurs?
If the issue can be reproduced, make sure you can demonstrate it.
Describe the environment precisely in which the issue can be reproduced.
Provide clear steps for reproducing the problem.
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