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Primitives and Infotables
Now that you have a connection, how can you call and execute services on things? Services have parameters and return values that are expressed using primitives such as String, Integer, Number, and Boolean. These primitives are known as ThingWorx Base Types and are written in all uppercase: STRING, INTEGER, NUMBER, and BOOLEAN. For a complete list of ThingWorx Base Types, refer to the Base Types topic for your ThingWorx Edge SDK:
An infotable is used to describe a set of parameters for a given service.
What is an Infotable?
Think of an infotable as a spreadsheet where each column has a primitive type and there are one or more rows. Service parameters and their return values are passed and received as single-row infotables. Each ThingWorx Edge SDK has tools for constructing infotables, which are necessary for invoking services that have parameters. The following example shows the Data Shape that contains the definitions of each field (parameter) (with <argument>:<value> pairs). The rows provide specific input for the service.
Infotable Example
For information about using infotables with JavaScript on the ThingWorx Platform, see Getting to Know Infotables.
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