ThingWorx Edge C SDK
ThingWorx Edge C SDK
The ThingWorx Edge C SDK enables developers to create applications for edge devices to communicate with a ThingWorx Platform instance. Connections to a platform instance are made through the Internet or a firewall using the ThingWorx AlwaysOn binary protocol.
This document is intended for developers who have a solid background in the C/C++ programming language (for example, C for the C SDK). Further, it assumes that you have had at least basic training for ThingWorx. For example, you know how to use the ThingWorx Composer and understand the main concepts of Things, Thing Templates, Thing Shapes, Data Shapes, modeling, properties, events, and services.
To develop an application using the C SDK, you must have a C/C++ development environment. No specific compiler version is required, but the compiler must be C99 (the C language spec) compatible.
To get started, it is recommended that you review the sample projects provided with the SDK. To use these examples, you need a supported version of Microsoft Visual Studio.
Supported Platforms
For information about the platforms and versions of Microsoft Visual Studio supported by this SDK, refer to the Release Advisor.
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