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Installing a Connection Server
As long as you have completed the tasks outlined in the section, Pre-requisites to Installation, you are ready to install the Connection Server. Follow these steps:
IMPORTANT! The 9.1.0 and later versions of the Connection Server support Oracle JDK 11 and Amazon Corretto 11 (OpenJDK 11) as well as Oracle JDK 8. However, Oracle JDK 8 is at end of life in December 2020, so it is strongly recommended that you upgrade to Java 11. It has important security enhancements and fixes.
1. Upgrading to Java 11 must be done before attempting to install the 9.1.x version of the Connection Server. It is recommended that you perform a fresh installation of Java 11 and then a fresh installation of the Connection Server. The Oracle Java SE Development Kit 11 is available for download at The Amazon Corretto 11 (OpenJDK 11) is available for download at
2. To download the distribution bundle for your operating system, go to the PTC Support site, Software Download page for ThingWorx Connection Server:
3. Select the Product Family, THINGWORX CONNECTION SERVICES.
4. On the download page for the ThingWorx Connection Services Product Family, the releases are numbered by the related release of ThingWorx Platform. For example, Release 9.0 contains the 9.0.0 release of the ThingWorx Connection Server. Expand the node for the desired release number.
5. Expand the node, ThingWorx Connection Server, and then the node, Most Recent Datecode.
6. Click HTTPS to download the distribution bundle.
7. Extract the application bundle to a directory on the system where it will run. On Linux, use the base directory, /var/opt/. The subdirectories and files should reside in the directory, /var/opt/connection-server-<version>/. On Windows, extract the bundle so that the subdirectories and files reside in C:\connection-server-<version>\.
Next, configure the Connection Server. Continue to Before You Begin Configuration.
The procedure for configuring the Connection Server depends on whether you are using the Connection Server in single-server mode or in a ThingWorx High Availability Clustering environment::
Clustering mode — High Availability Configuration