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Additional Application Support
Benefits and Description
Support is added for the products listed below.
Altium Designer Schematic and PCB Layout 17.1
Cadence 17.2 QIR3 Service Pack 3
Mentor Graphics
Expedition PCB VX 2.2
DxDesigner VX 2.2
PADS Layout VX.2.2
PADS Logic VX.2.2
Mentor EDM VX.2.2
Zuken Design Gateway 2017
Zuken Design Force 2017
New features of Zuken:
Zuken Design Force—User attributes attached to a part can be exported through IPC-2581
Zuken Design Force —Unique IDs are created for figures output to OTHER_OUTLINE
EDIF does not support multibyte strings. Creo View cannot display multibyte strings from Zuken SD or DG design.
See the Creo View Future Platform Support Summary for information regarding the supported applications.