Welcome to Creo View Help
Welcome to Creo View Help
The Help provides access to user assistance for your application. You can access and search Help from these locations:
Locally-installed Help—Contains Help topics only. You can search for words or phrases.
Help Center on PTC.com—Contains Help topics for your application, as well as relevant books, such as the MCAD Adapters Guide and the installation guide. You can perform a search of the Help Center and receive results from any topic or book.
For more information on searching, see About Searching the Help or the Help Center.
Context-Sensitive Help
Help for Creo View is context-sensitive. To access context-sensitive Help, use one of these methods, depending on the UI item:
Dialog box—In the title bar of the dialog box, click .
Icon, ribbon tab or group, panel, status bar, graphics area—Place your pointer on the UI item, and then press F1.
The relevant Help topic opens in a new tabbed page of your default browser. You can also click in the application window to open the home page of the Help.
Help Topic Pages
A topic page of the Help contains these features:
At the top of each page, there are buttons available for printing your topic () or emailing it (). By default, the email is addressed to the Visualization Documentation team at viz-documentation@ptc.com. You can provide feedback to PTC on the topic using this address.
A navigation path to the topic you are viewing appears above the title of the topic. This path gives you a point of reference, and you can click any topic in the trail to go to that topic.
Related Topics appear at the bottom of many topics. Click a link to go to the topic, and click the back button for your browser to return to the original topic.
In large browser windows, a table of contents appears on the left side of each topic page. You can browse through topics in the table of contents and open topics. For more information, see the section “Optimization for Different Browser Sizes” below.
Browser Support
Creo View Help supports Internet Explorer 9.0 and later, and Mozilla Firefox 10.0.1 and later. The Help opens in your default browser.
Optimization for Different Browser Sizes
The Help is optimized for browser windows of different sizes. For example, you can view the Help in a maximized window on your desktop, in a resized window on your desktop, or on a mobile device. In large browser windows, the display has this appearance:
The table of contents is on the left, and the content of the topic is on the right.
The Search box appears in the banner. You can search from an open topic.
In small browser windows, these changes occur in the display:
You can toggle between the Table of Contents and the content of the topic. Click or tap to change the display.
To search for text, you must first click or tap to open a separate Search page. You cannot search from an open topic.
Feedback to Documentation
To send feedback to PTC about the documentation in general or the topic you are viewing, send email to viz-documentation@ptc.com. You can also click at the bottom of any topic to create an email with the topic link added. Please include the following information with your feedback:
Product Release
Help Topic Title (if you are not including a link)
Level of Expertise in the Product (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced)