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Types of Searches
The Creo ViewSearch button is a split button. Click Search on the icon to open the default Search Product Structure dialog box. The Find functionality is also available in Creo View Lite. Click the arrow to select any one of the search options:
Search Types in Creo View
Narrows the search by defining several context sensitive search criteria to obtain a short, accurate results list.
Searches the MCAD structure for parts or attributes, or perform a spatial search.
Searches the ECAD design for objects or attributes.
Color-coded Search
Performs multiple MCAD searches simultaneously and color-code the results.
Quick Search
Obtains a list of entities by name.
Searches by MCAD part name or ECAD object name.
Finds an entity with a known name, but unknown location.
Searches by MCAD part name, attribute, or construction geometry entity, or ECAD part name or attribute.