Saving, Printing, and Sending Files > To Send a View or Representation by E-mail
To Send a View or Representation by E-mail
1. Make sure the representation you want to send is open and the correct view is displayed.
2. Select the type of file to send:
Representation—Click File > Send > Representation by E-Mail. A representation is generated, and an e-mail message opens with the file attached.
Active view—Click File > Send > Active View by E-Mail. The Save View As Image-Settings dialog box opens.
3. Under Units, select the unit of measurement for the image:
4. Under Width and Height, set the dimensions for the image.
When the Lock aspect ratio check box is selected, the proportions of the image are preserved. You can change one dimension and the other is updated automatically.
5. To set a resolution for images measured in inches or centimeters, in the Resolution box, type the number of pixels per unit.
6. For sending a view as a TIFF file, to control the format, select or clear the Save as TIFF ATA Profile 5 check box.
7. To exclude the gnomon from the exported image, select the Hide gnomon check box.
8. Click OK. An e-mail message opens with the image file attached.