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To Search Using the Find Tool
1. Click Home > Find. The Find dialog box opens.
2. In the Find what box, type the text to search for.
3. Select one of the following definitions for the element to find:
When finding an MCAD object:
Part and Attribute name
Part name only
Attribute name only
Construction geometry only
When finding an ECAD object:
Object and Attribute Name
Object name
Attribute name
4. To return only exact matches, select the Match whole word only check box.
5. To make the find case-sensitive, select the Match case check box.
6. Select whether to find all instances of a name or to scroll through the matches one by one:
To find each instance of a name, click Find Next or Find Previous.
To find all instances of a specific name at one time, click Find All.
The matches appear in the upper data panel and are highlighted in the graphics area and in the Structure Tree.