Importing and Exporting Files > Exporting Files > To Save a View as a CGM File
To Save a View as a CGM File
1. Verify that Render Mode is set to HLR.
2. Click File > Save Current View As > Save as 2D Vector File. The Save View As Vector dialog box opens.
3. In the File name box, type a name or accept the default.
4. In the Type box, select CGM.
5. Click Save. The Save View As Vector-Settings dialog box opens.
6. Under Zoom Setting, select a zoom option for the view:
Zoom All
Current Zoom
7. To create a file that meets ATA graphics standards, select the Save as CGM ATA Profile 5 check box.
8. Click OK. The settings are applied and the file is saved.
A part with transparency level set to more than two percent will appear transparent in a CGM file.