Saving, Printing, and Sending Files > To Print Viewables and Sequences
To Print Viewables and Sequences
1. Click File > Print > Print. The Print dialog box opens.
2. Under Printer, do one or more of the following operations:
Select a printer.
Select or clear Print to file.
Click Properties and set printer properties.
3. Set the level of Zoom for the printout:
As Displayed—Prints according to the level of zoom you set in the graphics area.
All—Prints the entire item.
4. Under Copies, set the number of copies and select or clear Collate.
5. Under Layout, set one or more of the following parameters:
Fit to Page
Scale—Select a scale from 10 percent to 100 percent.
Rotate and Center for best fitSelect this check box to manipulate the viewable to fit the page.
Include notes—For printing sequences, select to include the notes and step names associated with each step, or clear to exclude the notes and step names.
6. Click Preferences to set the following options:
Watermark (See About Watermarks for more details.)
Advanced (See To Set Advanced Print Options for more details.)
7. Click OK.