Saving, Printing, and Sending Files > To Preview a Print Job
To Preview a Print Job
1. Click File > Print > Print Preview. The Print Preview dialog box opens.
2. Adjust the page settings:
Orientation—Switches the pages between portrait and landscape layouts.
Size—Selects the page size for the current view.
3. Select one or more of these options:
Print Watermarks—Includes watermark when printing.
Print Background Color
Print Without Margins
Print Color—Select one of the following options:
Original Color—Uses the color scheme defined in the current view.
Greyscale—Converts the colors to 256–color greyscale. This is the lowest recommended setting for multicolored images.
Monochrome—Converts the colors to black and white.
Print Watermarks > Manage Watermarks—Opens the Creo View Options dialog box, where you can select a watermark.
4. Use one of these modes to define the image size and position on the page:
Fit to Page—Opens scale size options
5. Click Options to open the Document Properties dialog box.
6. Click Print to open the Print dialog box and print the image, or Close Print Preview to return.