Working with Views > To Filter the List of Viewables
To Filter the List of Viewables
You can filter the list for these types of viewables:
1. In the Viewables pane of the primary panel, select the partition of a viewable to filter. For example, Drawing.
2. In the partition, right-click and select Filter Files. The filtering dialog box for the viewable opens. For example, Filter Drawing List.
3. Choose to filter by Names or Part names, and then in the Text box, type the name to match.
To match the names of viewables or parts to attribute names or values, click Insert Attribute. The Insert Attribute dialog box opens.
4. To display only the files that are attached to the currently selected node, select Only files attached to selected parts, and then modify your selection.
5. Under When no parts are selected, choose to display one of the following:
Show files attached to most recent selection
Show all files
6. To make your filter settings the default settings, click Make Default.
7. Click OK. The list is filtered.
8. To cancel the filter settings, in the Model, Drawing, Document or Image section, right-click and choose Reset Filter.