Using the Structure Tree or sBOM Tree > To Filter the Display of Trees
To Filter the Display of Trees
In the primary panel, at the bottom of the Structure Tree, click Filter. Then in the Filter Viewables dialog box, select the filters to apply:
Only visible parts
Excludes hidden parts.
Part names
Filters nodes and their ancestors by name.
Includes only the nodes that contain the text you type.
Not Matching
Excludes nodes that contain the text you type.
Only selected parts
Includes only selected parts and their ancestors.
You can designate a maximum number of items to display. If more than the designated number of items are selected, then only the root node is shown.
Results from a search query
Includes the contents of search results, even if they would be hidden by the filter.
Add siblings of filtered parts
Includes the siblings of the filtered parts.
Dynamically reapply filter if changes occur
Automatically updates the Structure Tree according to the filters and commands.
Expand tree to show filtered parts
Expands all the filtered nodes.
Only non-synchronized parts
Displays only parts that have changed since the interference report was saved.
Make Default
Saves the current filter settings as the default.
Applies the filters and closes the dialog box.
Updates the filters manually.