Viewing Attributes > To Filter ECAD Attributes
To Filter ECAD Attributes
1. In the Attributes pane, right-click and select Filter Attributes. The Filter Attributes dialog box opens.
You can also select an attribute, and then in the ribbon, click Attributes > Filter Attributes.
2. Select a filter for the attributes:
Show All—Displays all attribute columns.
Names—Filters by attribute name. Set the filter to exclude matching text or text that does not match.
Filter by object type and attribute name—Excludes items by type and attribute name. Select an ECAD Object Type from the list, or use the arrows to move attribute names between the Available Attributes and Selected Attributes lists.
3. To make your settings the default, click Make Default.
4. Click Reset to default to return to the default settings.
5. Click OK. The Attributes list is filtered.
6. To remove the filter, right-click in the Attributes pane and select Reset Filters.