Customizing the Application > Configuring Tooltips > To Configure MCAD Tooltips
To Configure MCAD Tooltips
1. Click File > Options. The Creo View Options dialog box opens.
2. Next to Showing, select Global.
3. On the left, under Model, click Tooltips. The appropriate Tooltips options open.
4. Set one or more of the following options:
Show part tooltips—Displays the tooltips when the mouse curser hovers over model parts in the 3D view.
Use default tooltip (part name)—Displays the default tooltip for the part name. If a custom tooltip is defined in the Tooltip editor, this text is shown in the tooltip.
5. In the Tooltip editor, type additional information for the tooltip. To include attribute names and values in tooltips, see To Insert an Attribute Name, Value, or Both.
6. In the Creo View Options dialog box, click OK.