Viewing Attributes > Example: Viewing Attribute Information
Example: Viewing Attribute Information
View the attribute information in the lower data panel, the primary panel or both.
To view attributes in the primary panel, configure attribute columns in the Structure Tree. For more information, see To Configure Attribute Columns in the Structure Tree Display.
When you view attribute information in the lower data panel, the name of a single selected part, subassembly, or object is appended to the pane title. The names of multiple items appear in the left column of the attributes list. The objects are highlighted in the graphics area and the parts and subassemblies in the Model View. The first four columns (NAME, OBJECT TYPE, NET, COMPONENT) in an ECAD attributes list are permanent. You can filter and rearrange the order of the other columns. The attribute value fields that do not require values are shaded, otherwise, the value field can remain empty.
To expand the lower data panel to show all attributes, click in the top-right corner of the lower data panel. The contents are resized.