Overview > Example: Command-line Syntax and Arguments for License Borrowing
Example: Command-line Syntax and Arguments for License Borrowing
The general structure of the command-line syntax for borrowing a license consists of the following elements: pvlicense_borrow [-server LicensServerInfo] dd-mmm-yyyy[:hh:mm] LicenseFeature [+LicenseOptions]
A typical license-borrowing command line request looks like this: D:\Users\myname>"C:\Program Files\PTC\Creo <version>\View\bin\pvlicense_borrow.exe" -borrow 31-dec-2013 pvmcadpro +largeaddress +interference +animation +designcheck
Specifies date to return license, which feature to borrow, and any options.
Lists your borrowed licenses and their specified features and options.
Returns the borrowed licenses early. Specify the features and options to return. A return argument for pvmcadpro includes all its options.
-server LicensServerInfo
Specifies the server to use. The format is <port>@<servername>.
Sets the license end date. It must be 14 days or less from today. The month must follow English usage. Specifying the time is optional. Otherwise, the license expires at the end of the specified day.
Selects the edition. You can select only one edition at a time, but you can rerun the executable any number of times for multiple requests.
Run pvlicense_borrow with no arguments to get a list of features supported by your version of Creo View.
Lists only for pvmcadpro the options to borrow.
largeaddress is the Massive Assembly option.