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About Creo View Editions
Creo View comes in two licensed editions and one unlicensed edition:
Creo View—Includes all functionality, is either MCAD or ECAD based, and some applications require additional licenses.
Creo View Lite—Provides limited viewing and markup functionality and interoperability with Windchill.
Creo View Express—Provides basic viewing functionality without a license.
The Creo View license is configured for MCAD or ECAD or both. The Lite edition of the other configuration is provided.
Depending on the Creo View license configurations set up by the systems administrator, you can retrieve licenses for your workstation according to your tasks and borrow licenses for working offline. The optional applications can be set to load at startup or when required. This flexibility enables efficient license sharing and smaller loads on workstations. To work offline, you must borrow temporary Creo View licenses.
The following applications require additional licensing:
Design Check
Interference Analysis
General License Options
Massive Assembly