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About Double Precision
You can configure the Creo View MCAD Adapter to store structure and 3D model file content at double precision. Data is then saved to a greater number of decimal places, allowing more precise calculations. Double precision is a computer numbering format that occupies two adjacent storage locations in computer memory and can be applied to files when they are loaded into Creo View via all CAD adapters. A file’s level of precision is set the first time you load it.
The advantages of double precision are as follows:
Datum, B-rep data, and mass property values stored with double precision are more precise.
Accurate results in accordance with Creo are obtained for mass property calculations on Creo View data.
Accurate results can be obtained for Interference Detection queries.
You can store data from PTC CAD tools and from other sources at double precision.
Creo View files with double precision content are also supported by the following applications:
Windchill (read and write)
Creo View
Creo Parametric (read only)
Creo Direct (read only)
Double precision support increases PVS file size by about 5 percent and OL geometry content size by about 25 percent. The tessellation data size within the Creo View OL files remains unchanged.