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Additional Improvements to Creo Simulate
There are additional improvements to Creo Simulate.
Release: Creo Simulate 4.0
Benefits and Description
Additional improvements in Creo Simulate are listed below:
Tooltips are improved.
The geometry selection filter is improved to filter Creo Simulate objects such as Loads/Constraints and Idealizations.
There is support for the new Lattice feature. You can select a full geometry representation or a simplified representation. Both are fully supported in Creo Simulate.
When you use the simplified representation you gain computation speed. The model in Creo Simulate uses shells, beams, and mass elements where appropriate. When you use the full representation, you improve accuracy. All the intricacies of the lattice are meshed and then simulated.
Partial Unicode support in model names. There is no Unicode support for optimization and design studies.
Automatic detection of thin solids. From the AutoGEM Settings dialog box you can select the Create automatic thin solids check box to automatically detect thin solids so you get the benefit of using elements with higher degrees of freedom.
Figure 3. Example of using Create automatic thin solids
In FEM 2D there is a mapped mesh on quilt and solid surfaces