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Data Exchange Improvements in Creo Simulate
There are data exchange improvements.
Release: Creo Simulate 4.0
Benefits and Description
The File menu in Creo Simulate is consistent with the File menu in Creo Parametric. The process for saving results to Windchill is improved as described below:
Publish a Creo View file as a secondary content for results (*.mrs) and as an HTML report (*.mrp).
Store information to the workspace unlinked from the stored model, directly from Creo Simulate results.
Support for annotations and queries in the Creo View output improves the exchange of information with Creo View. You can send the Creo Simulate model as email attachment by clicking File > Send > Mail Recipient (As Attachment). From the Send As Attachment dialog box in the Type list, you can select the format of the object you are sending. You can also create a ZIP file by selecting the Create a ZIP file containing the attachment check box.