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Analysis and Design Study Experience Is Overhauled
Diagnostics can be filtered and are easier to understand.
Use Interface Location: Click Home > Analyses and Studies.
Release: Creo Simulate 4.0
Benefits and Description
You can watch a video that demonstrates this capability.
Diagnostics and run status dialog boxes are merged into a single dialog box. This merged dialog box is enhanced to include analysis details and convergence plot. The name and type of status appear under Analysis Details and time information about the analysis appears under Analysis Status. You can expand the window to show the analysis run status and the convergence plot. You can filter diagnostics by selecting or clearing Errors, Warnings, and Information check boxes to show only the analysis information that you need. Diagnostic details are linked to Help topics so it is easier to understand an error or a warning.
Streamlining the analysis process improves productivity and the overall experience.