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Material Removal Is Improved in Creo NC
Stock simulation is available in the Creo NC graphics window.
Release: Creo Parametric 4.0
Benefits and Description
You can watch a video that demonstrates this capability.
You can save an in-process stock model for future use.
You can use gouge analysis to preview when the toolpaths are removing too much material. Use gouge and excess analysis as a visual method to identify excess material by colors. When you click Compare you can see different colors for those that are excess (positive) or are gouges (negative). There is a Gouge Report that is generated and a simulation-like player with controls such as play, stop, and slider for speed control, also appears.
You can display the targeted part while performing a simulation and do cross sectioning over the in-process stock model. This helps you to better understand what is required to complete the machining process.