What's New: Creo Parametric 4.0 > Manufacturing (Additive Manufacturing–3D Printing, Subtractive Manufacturing–Creo NC) > Support for Lattice
Support for Lattice
Lattice structures are supported.
User Interface Location: Click Model > Engineering > Lattice.
Release: Creo Parametric 4.0
Benefits and Description
You can watch a video that demonstrates this capability.
Lattice is an internal framework designed to reduce the weight of parts by replacing the solid material with a corrugate feature for 3D printing. Use lattice, for example, to maximize strength-to-weight ratio. You define lattice using two elements:
A single cell—Defines the dimensions, the shape, and the internal structure of a single cell and lattice beams.
The duplication of the cell—Defines the way the single cell is propagated in the volume. You can add lattice to a Creo part as a feature using a coordinate system to define the orientation of the cell and, therefore, the lattice.
There are two types of lattice:
3D—Adds 3D cells in a pattern of your selection. You can select the cell shape and control its structure by defining the number of beams of the cell. You control the width and shape of the beam, and choose whether to add balls on the beam intersections.
2.5D—Adds 2.5D cells in a pattern of your selection. You can select which cell shape you use from a library of shapes that is provided.