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Material Handling During Attach in Creo Flexible Modeling
Attach a quilt at a new location the same way it was previously attached, by leveraging stored properties of a prior attachment operation.
User Interface Location: Click Flexible Modeling > Attach.
Release: Creo Parametric 4.0
Benefits and Description
You can watch a video that demonstrates this capability.
Use the enhanced Attach tool to attach a quilt at a new location in the same way it was previously attached. In this new workflow you can first store attachment properties when you create a quilt from attached surfaces and then reuse the stored properties during the attach operation. Tools that support the creation of a quilt with stored attachment properties include Move and other Flexible Modeling tools. In these tools, the option to store attachment properties is turned on by default. Therefore, when the geometric result is created in unattached form, a quilt is created.
In the Attach tool itself, next to the Select items box, you can click the icon to use stored properties. This re-establishes the previous attachment and fills volume and removes material based on stored attachment properties. This material handling option is added to the previously existing options for adding material and removing material. If you select a quilt carrying attachment properties, this icon is selected by default. Based on the stored properties during quilt creation, you can recreate the previous attachment rounds and chamfers, as well as achieve an attachment that corresponds to the previous attachment. This makes it easier to reuse a geometric shape within your design part.