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Selection Is Improved in Creo Flexible Modeling
You can use 2D box selection, enhanced shape selection, and improved selection priorities.
Release: Creo Parametric 4.0
Benefits and Description
There are selection-related enhancements when working in the Flexible Modeling environment. 2D box selection is available for object/action workflows. As with other selection methods, the selection filter is also used in 2D box selection to give you control over what type of objects should be selected. Drag the pointer from left to right to select all objects that are entirely included in the 2D box, and from right to left to include all objects that are being touched at least partially by the 2D box. When intent-based selection is not required, 2D box selection can help you increase selection speed by removing the need to make individual or complex composite selections.
In addition, shape selection is enhanced so that you can recognize shapes like bosses or cuts with reduced dependency on the selected seed surface. More local and therefore more useful geometric shapes are returned compared to earlier releases of Creo Parametric.
The selection priority is also changed. When inside the Flexible Modeling tab, a new filter, Regions and Surfaces, is available and activated by default. Use Regions and Surfaces to select surface regions more intuitively. You can still select entire surfaces through standard selection methods such as right-click, selecting Pick From List from the shortcut menu, or by setting the selection filter to Geometry or Surface. To quickly select quilts, use ALT.
Selection is faster and easier when working inside Flexible Modeling.