What's New: Creo Parametric 4.0 > Part Modeling (Sketcher, Part, Creo Flexible Modeling) > Sketch-Based Feature Enhancements
Sketch-Based Feature Enhancements
Sketch-based features give you quicker access to enriched options, negative direction support, and greater control over the geometric result for thin features.
User Interface Location: Click Model > Extrude or click Model > Revolve.
Release: Creo Parametric 4.0
Benefits and Description
You can watch a video that demonstrates this capability.
Sketch-based features such as Revolve and Extrude are enhanced in to increase design flexibility and improve productivity. Access to side 2 options is available from the shortcut menu when you right-click in the graphics window, reducing the need to go to the option panel on the dashboard. When removing material, you can use the shortcut command, 2 Sides Through All. With the Extrude and Revolve tools you can specify negative direction values for one side, so that the material operation is inverted. This gives you more flexibility. Additionally, an option is added to the Extrude tab to either offset or transform the surface reference, To Selected. This avoids the need to create intermediate construction features which were previously required.
You have more control over geometric and end conditions for thin features that are created using the Thicken tool. Ends of thin features can be optionally capped with model geometry. Click Previous and Next to toggle to the desired solution if multiple geometric solutions are available. These enhancements provide greater control over the geometry and a more predictable regeneration of Extrude and Revolve features.