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Publishing an Augmented Reality (AR) Experience from Creo Parametric
You can quickly publish an AR experience of your design directly from Creo Parametric and visualize it through ThingWorx View.
User Interface Location: ClickTools > Add ThingMark. Click Tools > Publish Model.
Release: Creo Parametric 4.0 M010
Benefits and Description
If you have a ptc.com account you will receive a personal ThingMark to use for visualizing your published AR experience. Through a set of new Augmented Reality tools available in the Tools tab in Creo Parametric, you can place a ThingMark on your model and publish it to a hosted ThingWorx Experience that is linked to your personal ThingMark. As a free offering, you can publish up to five experiences of your design, visualize them directly from ThingWorx View, or share them with your colleagues.
You can place multiple ThingMarks in Creo Parametric, either on a surface of your model or on the ground and then select the particular ThingMark to use for the published experience. Print out your personal ThingMark and place it on a table or on your physical product. Then, scan it with ThingWorx View to see your model augmented. Through the power of ThingWorx, PTC offers a new way for you to view and interact with your design throughout the design process.